Permanent staff

Anneke Alkemade

I am an assistant professor and have a background in human neuroanatomy, specializing in the diencephalon. My work is focused on increasing the understanding of the human subthalamic nucleus, which is targeted by deep brain stimulation (DBS) in patients with Parkinson’s disease. My ultimate aim is to explain the deleterious side effects of DBS. For this I study human post-mortem brain specimens using various microscopic techniques. I have an additional interest in the role of the hypothalamus in energy intake and expenditure.

Rawien Balesar

I am a technical assistant working with post-mortem data of subcortical nuclei.

Postdocs and PhD students

Gilles de Hollander

My background is in artificial intelligence. In my PhD project I will investigate the functional and structural role of cortico-subcortical networks with a focus on the subthalamic nucleus. I will use ultra-high resolution MRI data of both in-vivo and post-mortem specimens.

Max Keuken

My background is in cognitive neuroscience. During my postdoc project I aim to understand brain structures that implement strategic decision-making processes. To this end, I use ultra-high resolution 7T structural and functional MRI – techniques that allow one to zoom into small subcortical brain areas.


Yael Salzer

My present research as a postdoc encompasses cognitive systems dealing with consciousness, decision-making, and cognitive control. In all of these areas I investigate the brain-behavior relationship in the presence of somatosensory events. I have vast experience in both behavioral and applied (i.e., human factors) research using somatosensory based displays. My current work is about the reciprocal interactions that exist between behavioural and neuroscientific measures (i.e., fMRI) and cognitive models.

Martijn Mulder

Senior scientist working on Atlasing the human subcortex

Bethany Isaacs

I am a PhD student in the clinical neurosciences and am co-supervised by 
Yasin Temel (University of Maastricht).  My projects make use of ultra-high 
resolution 7T structural and functional MRI in patients with Parkinson's disease.

Anne Trutti

Beginning December 2016, I will start my PhD project in model-based cognitive neuroscience with Bernhard Hommel (University of Leiden, Netherlands) as my co-supervisor. My projects make use of ultra-high resolution 7T structural and functional MRI of small subcortical nuclei involved in decision-making processes. Currently I am a research assistant working with post-mortem data of subcortical nuclei.

Laura Fontanesi

I am a PhD student co-supervised by Joerg Rieskamp and Sebastian Gluth (University of Basel, Zwitserland). During my PhD, I make use of EEG and ultra-high resolution 7T structural and functional MRI of small subcortical nuclei involved in reward-based decision-making processes.
From February 2017 onward, I will join the model-based cognitive neuroscience lab in Amsterdam as an SNF fellow. 

Klodiana-Daphne Tona

 I am a PhD student co-supervised by Sander Nieuwenhuis, Thijs van Osch (University of Leiden, Netherlands) and Birte Forstmann (University of Amsterdam). My research focuses on the neural mechanisms of the  locus coeruleus-noradrenergic system in humans and the effects of neuromodulator  noradrenaline on cognition, arousal, and emotions. I apply an interdisciplinary approach  combining pharmacology, psychophysiology, and ultra-high resolution 7T structural and  functional MRI. 

Visiting Research Fellows

Technical and Research Assistants

Rosie Mulray

I am the lab manager.

Michiel Boswijk

I am a research assistant working on data mining.

Former lab members

Guy Hawkins (Postdoc)
Matthias Mittner (Postdoc)
Wouter Boekel (PhD student)
Jasper Winkel (PhD student)
Sara Jahfari (PhD student)
Elise Mansfield (PhD student)
Marcel Weiss (TA)
Quirine Tordoir (RA)
Christa Mueller-Axt (RA)
Quincy Rondei (RA)